Virtual Reality Headset What Is It?

What Is A Virtual Reality Headset

A Virtual Reality Headset is a computer generated experience headset which is a head-mounted gadget that gives augmented reality to the wearer. Computer generated virtual reality (VR) headsets are generally utilized with computer games however they are additionally utilized in different applications, including test systems, coaches, and the Metaverse. See our curated collection of VR […]

Decentraland the first-ever virtual world owned by its users.

Decentraland may be the first fully developed Metaverse environment

From what we can tell, It looks like Decentraland may be the first fully developed Metaverse environment. It allows you to explore an incredible virtual social world, created and owned by its users. With a good VR Headset you can start exploring Decentraland today here. What caught our attention about Decentraland What originally caught our […]

Metaverse Horizon Venues

Metaverse Horizon Venues for VR event tickets

Metaverse Horizon Venues now in Beta! Adding to Horizon Home, which is a home space for Oculus Quest users where you can invite friends to hang out, watch videos, start multiplayer games and do other social things together. Horizon Home adds to features such as Horizon Worlds and Horizon Workrooms. Introducing the “events” application, Horizon […]

How long has Meta been in development ?

Who is Facebook Meta

Facebook was founded in 2004. Other services that are part of Meta (formerly Facebook) Platforms are Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. The name change reflects an emphasis on the “Metaverse,” in which users will interact in virtual and augmented reality environments. Facebook developed the Oculus Quest 2 with these elements in mind. The “Meta” name has […]

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