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Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro from Meta Glasses Store

Meta Quest Pro Details, Specifications and Initial Review After much anticipation, the Meta Quest Pro is to be released as soon as October 25, 2022. But what does it do and how does it actually work? We were invited to some insider information and got access to the news early. As always, upon actual release […]

Guide to Smart Glasses

Guide to Smart Glasses

The Complete Guide to Smart Glasses and the Technologies Behind Them Introduction: What are Smart Glasses, and What are the Differences between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)? Smart glasses can use your mobile phone (or other cellular) connection and / or Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. Our guide to smart glasses will […]

Ray-Ban Stories Meta Smart Glasses Review

Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses Review 2022 Meta Glasses Store

After a couple months of using Ray-Ban Stories Smart sunglasses, we think the glasses are cool and especially useful for making phone calls. As summertime rolls in, you are going to need sunglasses right? We also like snapping photos quickly versus getting our phones out of our pockets. The first person point of view with […]

VPN Virtual Private Network Basics

virtual private network basics from meta glasses store

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. A VPN is a service that protects the privacy of your internet connection. Whether you are shopping online, conducting online research, playing online games or any other activity that requires an internet connection. When shopping for Virtual Reality Hardware from Meta Glasses Store, privacy needs to be considered. Without […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 VR

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 Virtual Reality

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 is really a modern gaming experience, made just better with a VR headset. This post is written with Microsoft Flight Simulator in mind only. We know that a lot of pilots train and hone your skills for your professional roles in the airline industry and may be looking for a Complete […]

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