Virtual Reality VR Games

Virtual Reality VR Games

Virtual reality VR games are immersive experiences that allow players to interact with virtual environments using specialized headsets and motion-tracking devices. Virtual reality VR games provide a sense of presence, where players feel like they are physically present in the virtual world. Here are some popular Virtual reality VR games: These are just a few […]

Artificial Intelligence: What is it?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Basics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the development of computer systems and machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. It involves the creation of intelligent agents capable of perceiving their environment, reasoning, learning, and making decisions to achieve specific goals. Artificial Intelligence (AI) encompasses a broad range of techniques and approaches, including machine […]

Amazon Echo Frames

Amazon Echo Frames from Meta Glasses Store

Amazon Echo Frames are a pair of smart glasses with built-in Alexa voice assistant capabilities. Amazon Echo Frames are designed to look like regular glasses and feature open-ear audio technology, allowing you to listen to music, make calls, and access Alexa without needing to wear headphones. Amazon Echo Frames also come with a microphone and […]

Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro from Meta Glasses Store

Meta Quest Pro Details, Specifications and Initial Review After much anticipation, the Meta Quest Pro is to be released as soon as October 25, 2022. But what does it do and how does it actually work? We were invited to some insider information and got access to the news early. As always, upon actual release […]

Guide to Smart Glasses

Guide to Smart Glasses

The Complete Guide to Smart Glasses and the Technologies Behind Them Smart glasses are wearable devices that incorporate technology such as computer displays, cameras, sensors, and connectivity features, allowing users to access information, communicate, and interact with their surroundings in new ways. There are many different types of smart glasses available on the market, ranging […]