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Last Updated on October 24, 2022 by Meta Glasses Store

Meta Quest Pro Details, Specifications and Initial Review

After much anticipation, the Meta Quest Pro is to be released as soon as October 25, 2022. But what does it do and how does it actually work?

We were invited to some insider information and got access to the news early. As always, upon actual release of the Meta Quest Pro, some things can change. However, this information is from a talk at the Meta Headquarters about the device itself. Buy the Meta Quest Pro.

Quick glance at the Meta Quest Pro specifications:

  • XR2+ processing chip with upto 50% More Power
  • 106 Horizontal FOV
  • 96 Vertical FOV
  • 1920 x 1832 2 LCD displays LED back Lit (per eye)
  • 360 Degree Tracked Controllers
  • 5000MaH Battery (upto 2 hours on Headset, upto 8 hours on controllers)
  • 256GB Storage 12GB RAM
  • 55mm-75mm IPD
  • Eye & Face Tracking
  • Color Passthrough 4x Quest 2 resolution
  • Weighs 722g (1.59lbs) with better weight distribution
  • 72hz or 90hz refresh rate

No more Fresnel Lenses, Meta Quest Pro Pancake Optics instead.

Meta Quest Pro Pancake Optics

Fresnel lenses have been used for quite some time when it comes to light gathering applications, such as condenser systems or emitter/detector setups. Fresnel lenses have also been used as magnifiers or projection lenses in illumination systems. So yea, they are kind of old school.

pancake lens is a flat and thin camera lens assembly (short barrel). They are are short and lightweight and used in some serious high end cameras. So that is a pretty cool upgrade! It also reduces the size of the device as a whole!

The bottomline: Smaller, cooler and a 37% increase in PPI and a 10% increase in PPD. Visuals should be much clearer.

The Meta Quest Pro uses twice the LCD Panels

meta quest pro with 2 LCD panels

The previous models contained only one LCD panel. The Meta Quest Pro features two panels. One panel per eye (total 2) and is also backlight via LED’s.

When comparing the Meta Quest Pro to older models, the results are a wider color gamut and dimming range, an increased contrast ratio, a much slimmer size, significantly lighter in weight and cooler temperature, 20%-30% less power consumption and increased reliability and lifespan in general.

Black colors are much darker and bright colors simply pop. For video enthusiasts, you know what this means and it’s awesome!

Meta Quest Pro with Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Processing Chip

Meta Quest Pro with XR2+ Chipset

The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ 5G Platform is the first XR (extended reality) platform to offer a System-on-Chip with multiple specialized processing cores. Qualcomm unveils it for the first time ever and it is featured in the Meta Quest Pro. Qualcomm specifically built this chip to enable unrivaled extended reality experiences. It has the power to enable users to explore every angle of their virtual world in 360° spherical view that captures the scene in vivid detail.

It is capable of 7 concurrent cameras, intended for true mixed reality, XR, VR and AI, capable of 5G, support for 8K 360° video, and with Voice UI and context awareness.

Talk about serious power with capabilities! We can already see software and firmware updates for the Meta Quest Pro really taking advantage of all of this horsepower in the future. This also explains the included 12GB’s of RAM!

The new features of the Meta Quest Pro such as eye and face tracking have plenty of power behind the technology which should result in little to no lag what so ever! When thinking about the eye and face tracking capabilities environmental conditions, emotions and more will come through at levels that will make you feel really there.

More Privacy with the Meta Quest Pro

Data such as raw images are now stored temporarily on the device itself. Once processed, they are deleted after use. It will only collect the data needed for the device and any other privacy concerning features can be enabled or disabled from within the systems settings. The app settings has an “opt in/op out” section that is clearly marked and easy to access. Privacy risking options are disabled by default.

The Meta Quest Pro includes Wi-fi 6E Support

Wi-Fi 6E adds support for the 6GHz spectrum, plus faster wireless speeds and lower latencies. Some of the features are more/contiguous spectrum, wider channels and less interference. It can support tremendous Gigabit speeds with low latency and much higher capacities in terms of devices on net. In other words higher resolutions and frame rates!

The Meta Quest Pro Audio and Microphone Improvements

The Meta Quest Pro features three (3) microphones which is one more than the previous model. They have said that they have introduced a 20% improvement on background noise cancellation as well. If you have tried the Quest 2, you may agree that the microphone setup was not the best. The frequency of the audio on the low end has been improved as well. It is now capable of much lower and deeper bass frequencies to respond to voices, music, concerts, events and more in a more desirable manner. Now that is pretty cool! What about sound leakage (what others hear around you)? They say they have fixed that qith a 10dB reduction in the leakage of sound. To put it simply, that’s 10 times less leakage.

Increased IPD and Depth Control with The Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro IPD and Depth Control

Pupillary distance (PD) or interpupillary distance (IPD) is the distance measured in millimeters between the centers of the pupils of the eyes. The Meta Quest Pro is now capable of a massive IPD range of 55mm -75mm. This alone makes this headset a great choice for many more people. Depth settings are now included. This means that you can adjust the lenses either closer or further away from your face. If you wear glasses, this is a much needed feature!

What the Meta Quest Pro Comes With

meta quest pro whats in the box

It does come with all the basics needed to get started, however, you will need buy an interface insert to reduce motion issues when going on extended gaming adventures and the like.

  • Meta Quest Pro Headset
  • Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers and Stylus Tips
  • Protective Cover
  • Partial Light Blockers
  • Wrist Straps
  • Charging Dock
  • Charging Cables and Adapter

The Meta Quest Pro Introduces Fit Finder

One of the biggest issues with VR headsets is wondering if in fact you are wearing the headset properly and with its optimal settings. Fit finder gives you feedback on how the headset is actually fitting on your head for the most precise use.

Meta Quest Pro Touch Controllers

Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers

With full 360 degree tracking, this is a massive upgrade to previous models. This brings the inside out tracking solution closer to what the actual base station (headset) is capable of. Equipped with three (3) cameras, it truly does set the stage for full body tracking in future updates. They are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 chipset which handles all the computer processing needed. Add the stylus tips and you can write easily on items such as a white board and more. Introducing True Touch Haptics which gives you an improved physical sense of presence and tactile sensations versus previous models.

Conclusion: Overall, the The Meta Quest Pro is actually pretty nice. We need to create a full review once the product is available and in our hands. The improvements on the optics, tracking and more are easily are enough to supercharge your everyday digital life.

Thank you for spending your time with us at Meta Glasses Store. Contact us with any questions!