Virtual Reality for Kids

Virtual Reality for Kids
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Last Updated on May 14, 2023 by Meta Glasses Store

Virtual Reality for kids is becoming increasingly popular, and there are many applications of VR technology for children. Here are a few things to consider when introducing virtual reality to kids:

  1. Age-appropriate content: It’s essential to ensure that the content is suitable for the age of the child. There are VR games and experiences designed specifically for children, so it’s crucial to choose age-appropriate content.
  2. Safety considerations: VR can be disorienting, and some children may experience motion sickness or dizziness. It’s important to limit VR use to short sessions and take breaks to avoid discomfort or injury.
  3. Parental supervision: It’s essential to supervise children while they are using VR technology to ensure they are safe and not spending too much time in the virtual world.
  4. Learning opportunities: VR technology can provide unique learning opportunities for children, such as exploring the human body or visiting historical sites. Look for educational VR content that can help your child learn and explore in new ways.

Overall, virtual reality can be a fun and educational tool for kids when used appropriately and with adult supervision.

Virtual Reality for Kids – It’s All About Safety, Says Consumer Reports.

Are you a parent, grand parent and other loved one with kids aged 12 and under that are searching for virtual reality gift ideas for kids to explore immersive learning experiences. VR STEM learning with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics applications and games for hands-on, problem-based learning.

Virtual Reality, also known as VR is here to stay. Armed with a basic understanding of VR technology and establishing clear rules for games, content and usage will help make your kid’s experience safer and more enjoyable.

As with everything technology wise, the dangers and concerns are more about how a technology is used, rather than if a technology is inherently “bad.” Most kids today are growing up with all types of technology from mobile phones, ipads, tablets, remote learning, and even virtually hanging out with friends.

Introduction: What are the Benefits of Virtual Reality for Kids?

Some of virtual reality benefits include that (at the time of writing) virtual reality is much easier to use, is more widely adopted by most platforms and is even more affordable. Years ago this was not the case. Today a basic vr headset for kids can be purchased as low as $20, where a more advanced virtual reality headset for adults is in the $300 range. With fewer barriers for parents who want to gift VR for their kids, or even for adults who want to know more about VR is and how it works, the time could not be better.

Education has began to increasingly rely on virtual reality when it comes to teaching kids. Companies like Abacus have produced VR environments that allow kids to learn to cook, learn magic and science, explore space and even virtually explore Dinosaurs! Later in life, younger kids that are already exposed to VR are even more comfortable with the technology and will be able to adapt easier to advanced VR tech-enabled learning environments.

When it comes to Virtual Reality for Kids, these VR systems for kids help encourage physical activity, interaction with the real world and more. While it is true that a lot of video games for teens and adults have them sitting in their rooms for hours, the systems that we recommend encourage physical activity, promote learning and excitement for a topic. These activities are also great for when going outside is not an option. When VR is fun and engaging, kids are often motivated by the physical activity as it makes it part of the experience.

When VR for kids is highly engaging and interactive, it can inspire real world creativity and imagination! Most people don’t have the opportunity to travel through various worlds on a daily basis, nor be physically engaged in new experiences that help inspire passion and potential career interests. These experiences are easily offered via Virtual Reality.

Why a Parent Should Not Let Their Child Play Unsupervised with Virtual Reality (VR)

When it comes to virtual reality for kids dangers, there are quite a few things to consider. One major issue is that VR headsets are first person point of view and are more of a private experience. Meaning, only the child wearing the VR headset can see what is going on. While more advanced systems allow for “screencasting” (simultaneously broadcasting what the individual VR system screen sees to a TV or other monitor), VR systems for kids are not at that technology level.

We recommend the types of VR for kids that focus on the communal aspect, where parents and other kids in the room can watch, react, and generally follow along with what’s happening. Families can play along and participate as shared activities.

If a parent monitors and manages the VR experience, especially with limited technology games and devices, you can eliminate some of the major concerns such as cyberbullying in vr.

5 More Things Parents Must Know Before Buying a VR Headset for Kids

1. The immersive and sensory experience of VR can make it an addicting activity. When it comes to the STEM Learning Activity Sets that we recommend, all ages are welcomed. However, when it comes to the more advanced VR systems and games, most manufacturers recommend their products for people ages 12 or older.

2. VR can mimic real-life experiences and interactions, it is designed to do just that. It can make scary or intense and dramatic situations seem extremely vivid. Adult level experiences could be very traumatic and disturbing to young children.

3. While there are studies, it is still unknown how VR can affect sensory development, or potentially trigger existing conditions. We do know that extended use of VR can cause eye strain and fatigue for people of any age.

4. The recommended vr device and games that we list below are carefully selected for kids. Adult oriented intermediate and more advanced VR devices offer very little to no parental controls. In addition, adult VR games and applications may contain inappropriate content. There are very real concerns that as the technology evolves, predators and other bad people can infiltrate interactive VR experiences that can have actual real world implications.

5. Remember the above fact that VR headsets are first person point of view and activity should be monitored.

How to Select the Best VR Device and Games to Keep Your Loved Ones Entertained and Safe

If you want to hear your kids to say that these are the best games ive played on my vr head set, then look no further. All of the kits and games below are complete with VR googles and everything you need for the activity!

Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit

Join Bill Nye is his virtual reality lab! Virtual reality brings this 80 page book to life, teaching 30 step-by-step science projects in an easy and fun to explore learning format!

Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit

From chemistry to physics, this unique educational toy delivers core scientific values that foster a fundamental and healthy understanding of basic scientific concepts.

VR for Kids Science Kit

Virtual Reality Master Chef Junior

You have more than likely seen the TV show! Includes a 90 page book with 24 delicious recipes containing detailed, step-by-step instructions to make real meals and snacks in the MasterChef kitchen.

Virtual Reality Master Chef Junior

Learn about the chemical reactions involved in cooking, and even dive into the world of gastronomy to discover where certain foods come from and how they work with each other!

VR for Kids Cooking MasterChef Junior

VR Dinosaur Dig

Go back in time and walk with the Dinosaurs with 8 immersive VR experiences. Explore the science behind how the largest land animals that ever lived ruled the world.

VR Dinosaur Dig

With the Dino Dig VR science kit, book and interactive STEM learning activity set, kids can learn, play and experience! This layered learning experience provides a chance to take in information across more than a few learning stages and mediums, ensuring improved retention of knowledge!
Explore hands-on learning with your personal dig-out rock. Use the included digging tools to excavate, build and display your personal 10″ T-Rex fossil.

VR for Kids Dinosaur Dig

VR Magic Lessons

A curated selection of popular magic tricks – from rope tricks to card tricks – set in an immersive learning format that ensures retention of a lasting foundation of magic.

VR Magic Lessons

Professor Maxwell’s virtual reality magic lessons brings this 80 page book to life, teaching 34 step-by-step interactive tricks in an easy and fun to explore learning format!

Enter virtual reality and step on stage to see the trick performed! Return to the book and follow along as every step comes alive and pictures turn to video within the book in augmented reality!

VR for Kids Magic Lessons

Bill Nye’s VR Space Lab

Join Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and virtually go into the depths of space and time with a 96 page interactive book.

Bill Nye’s VR Space Lab

Explore the science behind our planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, and more as each spread comes to life in 128 unique virtual and augmented reality experiences! Explore hands-on learning through 15 physical crafts and activities.

VR for Kids Space Lab

Professor Maxwell’s VR Atlas

For days (not just hours) of fun and exploration! Explore the topography of deserts and mountains, then the oceanography of the reefs. Discover food, currency, populations, language and explore the cultural diversity of our planet!

Professor Maxwell’s VR Atlas

A comprehensive 138 page illustrated atlas, from countries and continents, to culture and cuisine, watch as the most famous landmarks and points of interest in the world come alive in virtual and augmented reality in this unique interactive atlas for kids!

Professor Maxwell's VR Atlas

When it comes to the best vr headset for kids, here at Meta Glasses Store we think they should be for learning and fun! Buying a vr headset for a kid should be an easy and exciting project! One where you just can not wait for the package to arrive and watch their faces fill with Joy!