VR Accessories Buyers Guide

VR Accessories Buyers Guide
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VR Accessories Buyers Guide for different types of VR headsets and accessories. Extended batteries, VR mats, storage, and more.

Our Complete VR Accessories Buyers Guide to enhance your Virtual Reality experience.

Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular as the technology evolves and prices start to go down. VR allows people to immerse themselves in virtual environments, as well as enhance every day use such as internet browsing, playing games, attended events, concerts and even work.

As you get more and more involved in Virtual Reality, you may find your virtual reality headset lacking in battery life, body positioning issues, cable management nightmares, storage issues and more. This is when VR accessories can make sense and enhance your VR experience.

What are the Different Types of VR Headsets and Accessories?

VR headsets vary in pricing, level of virtual reality immersion and experiences. To keep it simple, here are the types of connectivity for most virtual reality headsets. We will include options for the best vr headset for pc and iphone vr headset. We find that once people understand the connectivity differences, the easier it gets to figure out what accessories they may need.

Tethered VR

“Tethered” means that a VR headset is physically connected to a PC computer through a cable. Your VR headset is tethered to your computer with a USB and/or HDMI cable and can not operate without it. The PC computer itself processes the VR environments and sends the information to the VR headset. Once the information is received by the headset it then displays the imagery and also manages the input from the user controls. The HTC Vive Pro 2 and the Samsung Odyssey + are great examples of tethered VR headsets.

Standalone VR

“Standalone” is the opposite of tethered, whereby these VR headsets do not require a connection to a PC computer (or smartphone) and actually have the technology built into them. Standalone VR headsets come with integrated computer processing power, internal batteries, storage, memory, and powerful display screens. Similar to tethered VR headsets, standalone VR headsets also operated with external user controllers, position and motion tracking. The Oculus Quest 2 is a great choice for a standalone VR headset.

Smartphone  VR

Today’s mobile smart phones have gyroscopic sensors, accelerometers, high end processing power and multiple ways of connecting (ie. bluetooth) to help create immersive VR and AR experiences. One example are the Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses that are developed in partnership with Facebook / Meta. They allow you to enhance your digital life and share photos and video to your social media pages.

Another scenario are Bose Frames where you can make phone calls and play music from your glasses.

Something like a Samsung Gear VR Headset allows you to connect your Samsung mobile device to be transported to amazing new VR worlds, play VR games, and more. While this Pansonite VR Headset is a great option for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

What are the Different Types of VR Accessories?

Virtual reality accessories are all about increasing performance, extending game play / usage time and so much more. We have scanned the Web, sifted through the many user Reviews, and studied the sales trends to find what we think are the best and most practical Virtual Reality gadgets and accessories.

VR Cable Management Pulley System

While using high powered tethered VR systems you may end up with a few cables. Cables that can get under your feet and make things unsafe.

KIWI design VR Cable Management and Pulley System

Made with silicone, ABS plastic, rubber materials and noise dampener technology to maximize silence and minimize cable tug during use, making it easier to get fully immersed without noise around and tripping over cables.

VR Cable Management System

VR Mat for Stability and to Minimize Accidents

While in Virtual worlds it can be easy to find yourself walking into walls and other obstructions that exist in the real world. A good VR mat can provide an extra level of safety and let you focus on your game and stay within the boundaries of your tracking systems.

ProxiMat VR Mat Metaverse Portal 42″

It is a heavy weight VR mat that not only helps keeps you centered, it can be used for all VR devices! It helps give you the advantage of centering your body position, enhancing your room and environmental awareness, sense of direction and increased safety for better game play and work.

VR Mat for Stability and Centering

Meta Oculus Quest 2 Extended Battery

The factory battery for the Meta Oculus Quest 2 VR headset is 3640 mAh. This equates to a general playing time of 2 hours and maximum 3 hours under light use. While some VR accessory guides and others may tell you to buy various charging cables and other things to play while plugged in, here is the official statement from the manufacturer: “Do not use or wear your headset while it is connected to the AC adapter or while it is charging.

The most simple explanation for this statement is because the device can overheat. You just do not want a device that is a attached to your head to overheat in any form or fashion.

Oculus Quest 2 Extended Battery with 10,000 mAh

With the Rebuff Reality Meta Oculus Quest 2 Extended Battery you can safely almost triple your playing time. This extended and long lasting battery delivers 10,000 mAh (upto 8 hours of use). It is a Meta Oculus Quest 2 battery pack that drastically increases the battery life of the Oculus Quest 2 with digitally optimized battery power. It is a lightweight design that is also counter balanced for improved comfort.

Meta Quest 2 Extended Battery

Hard Shell Travel Case

One of the best parts of Virtual Reality as a whole is the engaging with others around the world. For those game nights with local friends you can lug your gear to their house in style, and without damaging your costly hardware.

ProCase Hard Travel Case

The ProCase hard shell travel case fits your VR gaming headset and controllers. It is a shockproof EVA hard shell with a shock-absorbing soft interior lining interior. You can protect against spills, impacts, bumps, dents, and scratches in a durable way. It comes an adjustable detachable shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry around. It saves space and is truly ideal for day to day use.

Hard Shell Travel Case for VR Gear

Everybody Needs A VR Cleaning Kit

Your VR hardware is going to get dirty. We don’t mean dirty like you work in an oil field. We mean dirty that can damage or reduce the performance of your equipment. You are going to sweat, you’re going to touch the lenses with your fingers, you may get dust in things and more. All of these yucky scenarios can increase heat, decrease the life of your hardware and more.

Complete VR Cleaning Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to clean your screen, lenses, controllers and more. It even includes and electronic safe storage bag for those deep cleaning sessions when you take things apart. For the price, it is just a necessity.

Complete VR Gear Cleaning Kit

Under Desk VR Storage Display Organizer

Your computer or office desk already has the potential to get cluttered, with this, at the least your VR gear is safe and out of the way. We will admit, it makes our office desks look cool too.

VRGE Under Desk VR Storage Display Organizer

It is made of a high grade aluminum and nice gunmetal grey finish. It is worth noting that the included sticky tape is simply there for you to align the organizer properly prior to drilling it in place permanently. It comes with the screws and it fits pretty much anywhere you can think of.

VR Storage Display Organizer

Virtual Reality Car Racing Simulator

Ok, we know that you are on this page because you most likely already have your killer VR gear. But, we also know that we all have those quick games that we like to play on our mobile devices.

Virtual Reality Car Racing Simulator

This simple and cost effective complete system is great for mobile gaming. It comes with a Bluetooth Steering Wheel and Headset! Take car racing games to the next level! You can steer, accelerate and brake for the ultimate control! It works on both Android and iOs devices and it is so easy to setup! This car racing simulator system is great for gifts that would be a hit with everyone!

VR Car Racing Simulator

Virtual Reality Cybershoes

Add foot based VR movement controllers for increased VR immersion and to alleviate motion sickness. Cybershoes provide an option for movement-intensive games, and is one of the final items needed for full body VR.

Virtual Reality Cybershoes

This VR accessory makes virtual reality even more realistic. It is recommend for anyone with a compatible vr system. The complete kit comes with cyber shoes, chair and rug. They connected to our Quest 2 easily and also work for Steam VR games with PC connected VR systems.

VR Cyber Shoes

Prescription Glasses Kit

If you wear prescription glasses it can be difficult to avoid scratching the expensive lenses on both your eye glasses and the VR headset lenses. Often recommended by VR movement experts. this kit offers lens protection and anti-scratching when wearing glasses.

Prescription Glasses Kit

This VR accessory also includes a VR silicone face cover to keep things neat and clean. The sweat wicking design helps to collect sweat produced by your face when playing games for an extended period. It also includes one pair of lens protection frames.

Prescription Glasses Kit

Thank you for spending your time with us at Meta Glasses Store. Contact us with any questions!

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